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Active and Ordinary Membership Categories

Primary requirement for qualifying for Club Historic Registration with the IHVC (apart from the prompt payment of fees), is as follows;

Active Membership


To qualify for a Historic Declaration Form to be issued by the Club Registrar you will need to prove Active Membership by:


  • Attending a minimum of one Club meeting per annum, and having attended at least one gazetted club ride* in the same period. (May to May from the May GM 2016)

  • The Committee has discretion to waive the above criteria for special circumstances upon written application to the secretary of the Club. 


Note: You must have a club eligible motorcycle before other RMS Eligible Historic Vehicles will be considered by the IHVC Committee and only if the above criteria is met in the first instance.


Ordinary Membership


  • Applicant nominated to The Club in the usual form.

  • Ordinary Membership does NOT entitle, nor qualify, the Ordinary Member to any of the privileges that pertain to the grant of Historic Registration. If sought, the Ordinary Member will be required to become an Active Member as defined in 1st dot point of “Active Membership” hereof.


Definition of Terms:

* Gazetted Ride: Listed in the IHVC website “Calender of Club Rides and Rallies”

  • Active Member:  by having attended a minimum of one Club meeting per annum, and having attended at least one *gazetted club ride in the same period

* Ordinary Membership:  Be entitled to all privileges that the club offers other than qualifying for Historic Registration eligibility.

* Club Eligible Motor Cycle: Harley-Davidson and Indian Motorcycles manufactured before 1958 in roadworthy condition and registered for road use in Australia are accepted. Period modifications are allowed but non period items such as disc brakes are not. (Reference: The Great Race eligibility criteria).


(Reference: Motion passed 75% plus at IHVC General Meeting May 2016)

Committee Nomination Form

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